Frequently Asked Questions About Pleated Retractable Screens

What happens when the retractable screen comes off the bottom track?

When the screen coes off the bottom track simply open and close it once or twice and it will re-align itself.

What happens when my dog knocks the screen out of the bottom chain?

If your pet or child knocks the screen out of the top track or the bottom chain simply open & close the screen once or twice and it will re-align itself.

How long does it take to install a pleated retractable screen?

It's a snap installing our screens! Fasten the track, the two side tracks (jambs), lay down the sill with the self adhesive strip and then insert the screen assembly. It should not take less than one hour to install a pleated screen. Download instructions from our screen installation page.

Can pleated screens be motorized?

Pleated screens are operated easily with your hand. No motor is required and there is no motor option available.

What colours are available for the screen and framework?

Please check out our Standard Pleated Store and Extra Large Pleated Screen Store  pages for colour chips. We offer White, Black and Driftwood. Our pleated screen mesh is available in black only

Do I have to store my screen for the Winter?

You can easily un-snap the screen assembly from the jamb, spread the top track a bit, and the whole screen assembly will come out in one easy to handle unit. Simply re-insert in the Spring. But that is not necessary, you can keep our screen in place all year long. Considerations for removing might be to protect from snow removal activities or other accidents. Our screen mesh will last a very long time, but as with all screen mesh types, less exposure to sun and weather could prolong the life cycle.

What if my pleated screen gets damaged?

Simply remove the screen assembly as described above and send to our repair depot. Contact us for pricing and shipping instructions.

How do I clean and maintain my retractable screen?

All you need to do is keep your retractable screen clean and free from debis. Please read the bottom of our Screen Warranty page.

Does my opening for the screen have to be perfectly square?

Our pleated screen system will accommodate floors that are not perfectly flat because our Top Track allows 1/2" upward and 1/4" downward travel.
If your floor is not quite level, you can shim the Top Track so it is parallel with the floor, but bear in mind the aesthetic implication of shimming the Top Track too much. As well excessive shimming may require wire adjustment, follow the link to our installation guides in the paragraph below.
You can attach your screen to walls or columns that are not quite plumb, adjustments of the wires may be necessary. Information on wire adjustment is in our Retractable Screen Installation guides. Otherwise make corrections to plumb the opening.

Did we miss anything?
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