Retractable Screen Installation

Installation instructions for our Standard and Extra Large models is available in PDF format, please select your product below:


  1. Our Top Track permits ½" of upward travel and ¼" of downward travel to accomodate your uneven floor.
  2. If your floor is not level you can shim the Top Track so it is parallel to the floor. Installing on a floor that is not level up to ⅛" per foot should look fine. You can install in worse slopes but the visual appearance may be unappealing so you should probably take steps to level the floor.
  3. If the height at the sides of your openings are not equal, specify the lower dimension when ordering. Shim the Top Track so it is level or parallel to the floor bearing in mind the note above.
  4. For inside mount you usually don't have to make any deductions from your RO (Rough Opening) since you can trim the Top Track or the Jambs (side channels) if necessary without affecting anything. However if you have to trim the Jambs more than ¼" you will have limitied upward flexibiliy in the Top Track so your floor should be flat and level.
  5. For face Mount, add at least 1¼" to the height and 2½" to the width to ensure the face mount frame clears the opening.


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