About Our Screens

Pleated Screen Chain System

Our unique chain system allows for the industries lowest sill, only 1/8 inch! Compare that to other systems with sill channels that are trip hazards or require messy, expensive alterations to your floor so they are less obtrusive. If the chain is knocked off the sill, simply open and close the screen and it will automatically re-align itself on the sill.

Flexible Installation

Another benefit of the thin sill and chain system is that our screens can be installed on uneven floors! The sill is fastened with high bond two-sided tape, following the slight ups and downs of your deck. The flexible joints in our chain system allow it to ride up and down with the sill. The top rail is extra deep, allowing for up to ½" of upward travel and up to ¼" of downward travel!

Pleated screens don't suffer from the bulky cassettes of rolling screens, our system is only 1⅞" thick! For mounting between jambs or columns you only need to consider the 1⅞" dimension.

Maintenance and Longevity

Rollings screens have springs, brakes and complicated mechanisms that can wear out. Our retractable screens move easily and smoothly with just the power of your hand.

Craft-Bilt pleated screens use top quality PET* (polyethylene terephthalate) screen mesh yet they are priced economically when compared to traditional roll out screens. Other fixed and retractable screen systems use PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), fiberglass or polyester. Our third party test report shows that PET screen mesh out lasts PP by several times!

Great Price

Pleated screens are a very economical way screen in a porch. Roll up screens are costly, especially when you add the motorization option. Pleated screens can open just a little when you want to walk in or out, as opposed to a roll down screen where you have to wait for it to completely raise or lower. If you like the convenience of motorized screens, consider using them throughout your porch except where you plan to enter and exit, in that location you could use a pleated screen for the ultimate in convenience.

Check out our retractable pleated screen installation video